@wumispell sang “Water Nor Get Enemy” at African Shrine

Everyday a dream is born and a world ends, the first day i visited the African Shrine, i got closer the more to the late legendary music maker Fela Kuti, i heard songs i had never heard before, after that day, wherever i came to the shrine, i had time to explore about him and eventually got the fiery for his kind of songs. The legend did “Water Nor Get Enemy” i found this particular song very interesting and refreshing, i learnt that this legend was a beacon and he help export Nigerian music to  an international level by coming up with more of his unique Afro-beat as he was the pioneer…. I had to identify myself with the legend one way or the other, by doing a cover to his “Water Nor Get Enemy” as to commemorate him in any upcoming Felabration.
Check out this my version i did bringing Baba Fela Kuti to sing with me on “Water Nor Get Enemy“:

11 thoughts on “@wumispell sang “Water Nor Get Enemy” at African Shrine

    1. Lol, it was originally sang by late legendary fela anikolapokuti, the title means water don’t have an enemy, you can not be angry with water because you can’t do water anything


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